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Side Stand Relocator Fitting Instructions By PEC GAZ

Remove sumpguard .

Remove sidestand bolts .

Remove engine bolt nut .

You need a 13mm ring spanner on other side.

Remove engine bolt .

Refit new engine bolt (supplied). Good idea to put some anti-size grease on engine bolt and centre stand bolt.

Mount sidestand to adaptor plate with counter sink screws supplied, use M10x65 bolt in third hole to keep everything aligned and tighten counter screws to 45Nm.

Drop bike off centre stand and lean against wall or get a freind you trust to hold bike . If you do not have a centre stand fitted you’ll need a bush, mainly this is only for the Super Enduro.

Fit adapor plate to engine mount and then refit centre stand bolt with new M10x65 supplied and engine mount nut, tighten both to 45Nm. Make sure you do not crimp the gear selector or side stand switch cable.

Refit sumpguard and tighten M8 bolts to 25Nm.

Bosh job done .